Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fiona Hall

(b. 1953) is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists.

She first emerged in the 1970s as a photographer, but during the 1980s transitioned to using a diverse range of art forms.  Hall's choice of material, and the way she uses it, is critical to her art. Hall deliberately transforms ordinary everyday objects to address a range of contemporary issues such as globalisation, consumerism, colonialism and natural history.
In 1994, Hall's Biodata explored the social and political implications of trade. For Medicine bundle for the non-born child (1994), she knitted a baby's matinee jacket, bonnet and bootees from shredded Coca-Cola cans, attended by a six-pack of Coke cans with rubber nipples. It addresses notions of nurturing within our consumer society.

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