Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kate Just

Kate Just is an American-born Australian artist known for her process-based and tactile art practice involving knitted sculpture, mixed media sculpture, collage, digital print, and video.

In earlier, nature-inspired works, Just created elaborate, knitted figurative sculptures and environments to explore mythology and her own personal experiences. These included a tree with human arms and head, a woman descending into her backyard lawn, a corn field growing from a bed, and a woman turning into a laurel bush. In each, the seemingly appealing, vivid scene also communicated themes such as loss, transformation and the affinity of women with nature.

In more recent installations of mixed media sculpture and photo-collage works, Just mines archaeology, art history, symbology and religion to present viewers with a range of archetypal objects representing women's links with bodily space. These include a giant black egg hatching an ominous branch, a pink-tongued lotus plant, a triangular spider web, a group of glass vessels, collages of fictional surgical tools and a series of over-scaled clay-modelled, black keys.

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